10 Yoga At The Desk And Get Relief Instantly

Why we have pain input back side ? Perform yoga at the desk.

Most people in the world usually sits in front of computer to do work. Human are not m meant to sit to long. If you feel pain in the your back then you can perform yoga at the desk easily.

Sitting in front of desktop leads pain. If you feel pain during job or working you can perform 10 minutes yoga at the desk get relief naturally. Most of pain and chronic dieses increased due to our changed life style and imperfect posture. Desk yoga is best solution for instantly.

There is number of yoga desk benifits you can increase strength, mobility, flexibility, posture, it also relif tightness. These are important factor that leads to pain. I will explain you stretches for yoga at the desk. These yoga for desktop office will relief you instantly.

If you do strech or yoga is very helpful for you. Just strech on the desk and improve productivity. Perform these stretches if you don’t do yoga at the morning.

Yoga At The Desktop

1. Open chest and twist

  • Seat stright on the chair, breath normally into your ribs.
  • Bring your hands behind your head.
  • Inhale and slowly rotate to the right side. Strech your shoulder, chest, neck you will feel openness when you twist your chest. Sitting more than eight hour and doing work is very challenging task for years you should perform strech on desktop for better posture.
  • Remember to deep breath into ribs and twist it strengthens muscles which are related to the movement.

2. Reverse elbow grab

  • Sitting continuously for typing work could hunch up. This yoga at the desk will help you. This exercise for desktop will open you chest and allow you to strech your shoulder.
  • Seat stright on the chair ground your legs.
  • Bring your hands to the side.
  • Try to grab your elbows at backside.
  • If you cannot hold your elbows then very welcome hold your forearms, don’t try strech intensively.
  • If you practice daily then you will able to open your shoulders.

3. Seated windmill

  • Seated wind mill is best for yoga for desktop, you need little break to do desktop exercises.
  • Seat stright on the chair, groud your legs.
  • Bring your left hand to the right feet.
  • Make sure that your spine must be straight.
  • Chest are facing to right side of your body, bring your right hand to the side up.
  • Give full strech to your gaze.

4. Seated forward fold

  • Forward fold strech your back muscles.
  • Just seat on the chair.
  • Bend from the hips and hold your heels by your hands.
  • Place your hands inside of your legs.
  • Breath here minimum 8 to 10 breaths.

Yoga At The Desk

5. Neck Rotation

If your suffering from back pain means you have wrong postures and stiff neck. Neck Rotation exercise will strengthen your neck muscles and balance your back muscles.

  • First remove your shoes and high heels before starting stretches.
  • Make sure seat with stright back on your chair.
  • Close your eyes
  • Now let the drop chin to your chest.
  • Then start to rotate, move your left ear to the left shoulder, head back then move your right ear to the right shoulder.
  • Rotate slowly don’t perform with speed.
  • Make sure your shoulder should be relaxed.
  • Then switch the rotation direction.

6. Cat and cow stretch

Cat and cow strech will help you to relax your back best strech for yoga at the desk.

  • Seat on the chair and bring your feets to the floor.
  • Bring your hand to the knees.
  • Inhale, and arch the back and try to see upwards to the ceiling.
  • Exhale, and round your spine drop your head forward.
  • Perform this stretch for eight to ten times.

7. Seated eagle pose

  • Cross your right leg over left leg and wrap your foot with left leg calf muscle.
  • Bring your hands outside parralal to the surface.
  • Then cross your left hand to the right one.
  • Bring palm to touching each other.
  • Lift the elbows
  • Then repeat with right hand cross over the left hand.

8. Wrist stretch

Read more about wrist pain

  • Stand up
  • Palce your palms on the table.
  • Then turn your hands so that your fingers facing towards you & wrists facing to the desktop.
  • Keep flat as possible as your plam with stright hands.
  • Lean back and give stretch.
  • Come back to normal position if you are feeling pain.

9. Standing peagon pose

  • Stand up
  • Bring your left shin on the table keep parralal to the desk.
  • Bend forward on the right leg.
  • Then switch your leg and perform with good balance.

10. Seated crescent moon pose

When you work daily on the desktop your back, shoulder and side muscles of back feel more discomfort. With this seated crescent moon pose you can return on your desktop.

  • Lift your arm overhead.
  • Strech your fingers wide.
  • Lean to the right side and breath three to five breaths.
  • Then repeat on the left side.

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