10 Yoga Poses For Glutes & Hips Make Glutes Strong & Better

Glutes are the strongest and biggest muscles in our body. Perform yoga poses for glutes and hips get strong glutes and hips muscle give you benefits for walking, and running.

Most of the people don’t think about glutes strength, today I will give yoga for the glutes that will build strength and shape your glutes with help of yoga for glutes.

Flexible, athletic, and powerful glutes support your pelvis, knees, and lower back, you will look amazing on yoga pants. But our daily routine by seating for car driving, in front of a desktop defaces glutes and hips.

Gluteus maximus (largest muscle in the body), gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus are three main muscles. Glutes plays a major role in several movements.

Yoga for the glutes and lower back needs or increases the strength of the glutes and hips need more dedication.

These poses will make your glutes strong and increase your confidence off the mat. Ujjayi breath will also help you. My suggestion is before performing yoga for glutes and hips perform Sun Salutation A and Sun Salutation B for warm-up.

Role Of Glutes Muscles In Our Body

Glutes muscles are biggest and stronger muscle in our lower body it supports hips, pelvis and to stand up right. Powerful glutes means it is helpful for climbing, walking, balancing and running. In yoga postures, you are always standing on one leg with engaged glutes muscles on the mat you use these three muscle to perform yoga mostly.

Let’s start your booty workout and power yoga glutes.

Yoga Poses For Glutes and Hips

1. Chair Pose ( Utkatasana )

You will engage with glutes medius, minimus and the adductors.

  • Inhale and come to the Chair Pose and make sure minimum distance between your knees or hold a block between your thighs.
  • Shift little bit your knees back make sure you see your toes.
  • Back spine should be straight, shift your tailbone towards your heels and engage with core.
  • Bring your hands towards the sky palm facing each other and spread fingers.
  • Try to move your shoulder over the hips. Breath for 3 to 10 times.

2. Bridge Pose ( Setu Bundhasana )

Another best yoga for the glutes will helpful for lower back and glutes.

  • Lay down, bring your legs towards hip and bend the knees. Make sure you can’t touch your ankles.
  • Exhale keep your shoulder grounded and lift up your hips.
  • Press with your hand palm facing towards surface to lift up.
  • Feels the engaged muscles which is active.
  • Hold for 3 to 5 breath.

3. Hydrant Dog

This yoga pose for glutes activates glutes muscles.

  • Come to your hand and knees. Firm your palm to the surface or mat.
  • Exhale and lift up your right knees possible as, to the right side.
  • Lift up to the your hip level. Knees inline with hips.
  • Perform for 4 to 7 times each side.

4. Half Loctus Pose ( Ardha Salabhasana )

  • Lay down on the stomach and palm facing the surface.
  • Place your chin at the centre of the mat.
  • Bring your legs toes make sure touching each to perform yoga for glutes.
  • Inhale and lift up your legs together. Press down your palms.
  • If you cannot lift up legs together then you can go with one by one lift up.
  • Stay for 3 to 4 breath.

5. Warrior 2 Pose

  • Place your feet apart make sure thigh parallel to the surface and front knees over your ankle.
  • Left ankle slight angled out.
  • Spine should be straight.
  • Left your arms parallel to the surface left arm to back side of mat, right hand front side of the mat.
  • Stay for 5 to 7 breath.
  • Change the side.

6. Warrior 3 Pose

  • From standing bend forward.
  • Place your hand together front of chest.
  • Come to one right leg, bend knee little bit.
  • Swing left leg backward straight to the spine.
  • If you balance your body then you can move your hands up line with spine.
  • Hold for 4 to 6 breath.
  • Then switch side.

7. Dolphin Kick

  • Come to the plank position.
  • Balance your body on forearm and toes.
  • Ground your elbows under the shoulders with suitable distance.
  • Lift up your hips.
  • Then bend the knees come back to the return, perform for 15 to 20 times.

8. Hamstring Twist

  • Stand up in front side of mat.
  • Bend forward from hip.
  • Touch the hand to the floor but elbows should be bent.
  • Lift up your right leg to the sky.
  • Bend your left knees and swing your right legs to backside of left knee.
  • Then switch side perform for 10 to 15 reps.

9. Low Lunge ( Anjaneyasana )

Tone your glutes with yoga for glutes.

  • Place your left leg front of mat and right back to the mat.
  • Left leg knee over the left leg ankle.
  • Drop your right knee to the mat.
  • Swing your arms to the sky palm facing each other.
  • Keep leng extended.
  • Hold for 5 to 8 breath.

10. Happy Baby ( Ananda Balasana )

  • Lay down on the spine with bend knees.
  • Lift up knees to the sky legs facing up.
  • Hold side of the feet with your hands.
  • Keep back flat.
  • Try to push your legs towards chest gently, either side.
  • You can hold for 5 breath.

Benefits Of Yoga For Glutes And Hips

1. Improve Posture

Strong glutes muscles supports pelvis and create more energy for walking, climbing and running. Yoga for hips makes your posture perfect.

2. Reduce Knee Pain

Alignment is important, pelvis connect upper and lower muscles imperfect alignment of ankles leads to back and knee pain yoga poses for glutes reduce the pain.

3. Prevent Injury

Strong glutes muscles support pelvic. We concentrate on spine and lower back on the mat. But definitely strong glutes balance the body and muscle for perfect combination.

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