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Updates Your Home a Better Place for Relaxation And Work

While it may seem counterintuitive, it’s possible to update your home to make it a better
place for both work and relaxation. Everyone needs a place for relaxation and work. The key is to incorporate elements that support each idea
while seizing opportunities to create separation between your personal and professional

Generally speaking, blurred boundaries are increasingly common when you’re working
remotely. Often, that causes professionals to spend around 10 percent longer on work tasks
every week. Plus, many work from home, employees have trouble disconnecting.


Regardless of whether the always-on mentality is self-imposed or put in place by employers,
it can be damaging. Trouble disconnecting comes with physical consequences, including
poor sleep quality, higher rates of obesity, and higher rates of heart disease. It may also up a
person’s chances of experiencing burnout.Even something as simple as after-hours email
expectations can harm wellbeing. Read more about relaxtion.

Fortunately, with the right home updates, it’s possible to ensure your home supports your
professional needs while remaining a place for relaxation. livedailyfit provides some tips to
get you started.

Update Tips For Relaxation

Create a separate place for work

As mentioned above, allowing your professional life to leak into your personal time isn’t
ideal. That’s why having a separate space for work is critical.
While a separate home office – either in the house or in a backyard shed – is your best bet,
other approaches can still provide separation. Setting up your home office in a closet or
pantry can work. Having a foldup desk with built-in shelving is another solid option. The
same goes for an armoire desk.
By ensuring there are functional doors that you can close, you can put your work away at the
end of the day. That way, your personal time remains your own, making your home more relaxing.

Crave out a hobby space

Hobbies can have a positive impact on mental health. By carving out a hobby space, you
have an area committed to fun, stress reduction , or creativity, any of which can boost your

Exactly what kind of space you’ll need depends on the hobby you choose. However, unlike
with home offices, it’s okay if these areas are part of your living spaces. You can set up a
hobby desk or shelving unit in the living room corner or designate a part of your garage to
the task. Just make sure your hobby area isn’t in your home office. That way, you can
maintain that separation.

Upgrade Tips For Remote Work

Use Productivity-Boosting Design

Making your work office a highly productive space is an excellent idea. If you can get more
done during the day, maintaining separation between your personal and professional lives
might be easier. Plus, if you’re able to work efficiently, you might find your job easier to
manage or more satisfying.

If you want to enhance productivity, organization is your friend. Having ample storage
solutions that let you give everything you use a “home.” By having designated spots – and
putting items in them when not in use – you know exactly where everything is, ensuring you
don’t waste time having to search for something you need.

Having a desk and chair that support good ergonomics is also essential. When you’re
physically comfortable, you’ll have an easier time staying focused. Find a desk and chair that
fit your body correctly, ensuring you can maintain proper posture.
Introducing more natural light is also helpful, ensuring your mood stays up while reducing
eye strain and combatting fatigue. If possible, allow sunlight to come into your office through
a window. If that isn’t an option, consider getting a sun lamp to mimic natural light.

Get The Right Temperature

Being too hot or cold is distracting, making it harder to work. If you want to ensure you can
get more done during the day, you need to stay comfortable.
During the summer, open the windows on nice days, allowing fresh air in and keeping the
temperature pleasant. If it gets hot, try setting your air conditioner to 72°F and adjusting it up
or down over the course of several days until you find the right temperature.
Since running a heater during the winter can dry out the air, consider using other
approaches to stay comfortable. Adding a sweater can be an easy way to keep cozy, but
you can also explore heated throw blankets or footpads. Just make sure you choose
blankets or pads with auto-off features to stay safe.

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