How To Use Exercise To Control Your Blood Sugar

If you are looking for exercises to control your blood sugar or concerned with a blood sugar think about it. Take daily exercises to keep in your blood sugar. As a yoga writer I can tell you how to use different exercises to control blood sugar.

     Keeping  blood sugar in a average control is important for body. I think you might not know is how important to control your blood sugar whether or not you are diabetic.

     Remember diabetes due to insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone which helps to body cell take in glucose to be used energy (while a body movement). Insulin produced by the pancreas. A person’s body may not be produced enough insulin to meet their need cause of glucose can’t get in cell. The person’s body may not be produced enough insulin to meet their need and glucose can’t get into the cell cause of increasing blood sugar level. Lack of insulin production is lead to symptoms I mentioned above.

     Sugar carvings, brain fog, suddenly losing weight and energy slumps these are symptoms of excess blood sugar in body. If you ever suffering from these symptoms, then you might think over how to control blood sugar.

     Our hobbits can keep in control glucose in bloodstream. Just take a blood test seven or eight per day taking a results that tests show you which habits is important. For a daily exercises you go to outside results can control blood sugar in a positive way for 24 hour and significant improvement in hormone production.

     I think you should take eye over following exercises here are the ways to get rid off diabetes.

Exercises to control your blood sugar

1) Daily outside exercise reducing cortisol.

     Most of us doing exercises at a home they think no need to outgoing. As a human we borne for living outside take example of  our ancestors they hunt for food while hunting they run, climb, and much more. Go outside and be part of the environment.

     Nowadays our daily rooting is seating five or more hours in front of computer and one hour in bus or train to office after a job we seat at home for relaxation. This seating affects a production of cortisol and adrenaline in our body. In this condition the level of glucose increased in order to supply energy. But our body doesn’t need extra energy. 

     Outside exercise makes a perfect combination body with environment also affects insulin production outside exercise is very helpful for insulin production in the pancreas. Your body works more effectively to control sugar level in blood. 

2) Increases endorphins 

     Endorphins produced while doing exercises in brain, spinal cord and in other body parts. It helpful for heart, blood pressure and increases energy. Endorphins makes you feel better. After some day your body dance with fresh air, it will often trickle into another area. 

     Going outside to doing exercises for one or more hours definitely affects your body also gives courage to eat sugar filled food and able to eat. It makes you better food decision by choosing healthy fat, fiber filled meal with lean protein and gychemic carbs rather than fried food, simple sugar etc. 

3) More light better sleep 

     Sunlight is very helpful for body you know. Natural light can help you for better sleep in night. Means better sleep can balance level of sugar. Less sleep reduce hormone level results insulin sensitivity decreases the next you want to eat sugar. Studies proved that who have a window in the office sleep 45 minute more than who haven’t. Combine your body and farmer body in turns of health.  

Try 20 minutes outside workout I tried works effectively

If you noticed that or do want to outgoing for adventure go for daily exercise may change in your life. 

Warm up 5 minit 

Take walking jog for 5 minutes or more and 30 or more seconds running jog as your strength, age 

Pushups 10

Alternating bench step ups 20

Triceps dips 15

Squad jumps 15

High knees 40

Repeat for 2 sets 

5 minutes nothing

1 minute forward lunge hope 

Final cool down jog for 8 minutes.

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