Downward Dog Pose Complete Guide For Beginner 2022

Are you looking for how to do downward facing dog pose by sinking your heels to ground ?

Downward dog in yoga or adho mukha savasana is very easy to perform on the mat. You will perform number of times during yoga practice. Downward facing dog pose is very basic pose in yoga and easy to perform. Downward Dog is one of the poses in the Sun Salutation sequence. This is transitional posture.

If you are begginer at yoga and trying to perform downward facing dog position that will be very challenging because your body is stiff. You can not ground your heels so, I will explain you how to do downward dog pose and downward facing dog pose benifits. You can perform Split Pose before dawnward dog.

You can achieve integrity by performing adho mukha savasana

Downward dog pose looks easy but you need strength in shoulder for push up and flexible hamstrings. This pose become hard when you open your shoulder blades and straight spine.

Downward Facing Dog Benifits

Getting down is process of learning to be relaxed. Downward facing dog shape your body, build strength in your shoulder, strech your hamstrings with calves , and open your shoulder blades. This pose also help to increase strength of external oblique muscles. When you incorporate with daily yoga bring more blood flow to the brain. Adho mukha savasana also helps to relief back pain.

How To Do Downward Facing Dog Pose Steps

You can perform anywhere but you must know how to to downward dog pose.

  • Come to the normal seated position.
  • Then your wrist underneath your shoulders
  • And knees underneath your hips.
  • Then bring your hand to forward to top side of mat.
  • Spread your fingers.
  • Turn your toes under and come up on the your toes and knees.
  • Firm your hand to the ground. Distance between your hands not too far or minimum.
  • Exhale lift up your hips, knees are bend. Heals lifted up.
  • Lengthen your tailbone and lift up hips to the sky. Push your thighs backside as possible as. Stech your hamstrings.
  • Try to touch your heels to the ground and strengthen your knees.
  • Press your palm to ground and lift up shoulder.
  • Wide your shoulder blades then stretch towards tailbone.
  • Keep your head between your upper arm.
  • Stay here for 10 or more breath, spine must be straight.
  • Then lower into child pose.

Begginer tips dawnward dog pose

Your crown of your head must be towards the floor. Your chin should be tucked to stretch your spine. To stretch upper side of leg very welcome to lift up your heels from the ground little bit.


Protect your self from injury.

Always spread your shoulder blades apart from each other. Spine and neck must be aligned stright. When your biceps engaged then press to lift up upper arm and shoulder.

Spine and neck must be aligned remember. Keep your ears in line with your upper arms. Don’t try to strech execively if you feel pain then you can bend your knees.

You should not perform if you are pregnant. If you have wrist pain or carpel tunnel syndrome you can avoid this posture.

Dawnward facing dog pose variation

If your body is stiff or you are just begginer in yoga routine, you have tight hamstrings then don’t strech too very welcome to bend your knees. You can also lift up your heels off the ground. If you may not lift up your hips then it’s ok to bend the knees.

You can place yoga blocks or folded towel under your wrist for dawnward dog modification.

Begginer Mistakes

Most common issue with begginer yoga practioner is they drop their heels to the floor. This is resting posture, but if your weight up on the hands this isn’t right way. This is not mean that heels should be touching group just keep towards ground side.

To get exactly Butt position bend your knees for a one minute. Come up on the ankles. Lift up your sitting bone and give rest to your belly. Then strengthen your legs drop your knees to the floor and lift up your sitting bones high.

Don’t perform dawnward facing dog yoga position with banana back or curved spine. Keep maintain your stright back always.

Begginer level students turn their toes outside don’t make sure your toes points to the front side of mat. Distance between legs should not too far or too close each other. It will confertable standing distance ( Feet should hip wide apart ). Make a good alignment for dawnward dog pose.

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