best yoga classes in istanbul

Selam Best 5 Yoga Classes in Istanbul

best yoga classes in istanbul
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Herkese Merhaba,

Istanbul is most populous city in turkey, many people searching for the best yoga classes in Istanbul in turkey en iyi yoga dersleri am right? If you are living in Istanbul city, you are surround by chaotic.

Yoga classes is place for to open your mind as well as your body. You will definitely get many thoughts during the yoga session.

Everyone must go for outside with a yoga retreat in Istanbul and much more.

Let’s go to the point best yoga classes in Istanbul below.

Yoga Classes In Istanbul

Pilates Istanbul

  1. Cihangir Yoga

Cihangir Yoga is one of famous classes in Istanbul. They offer best quality yoga training for students and teachers. Here is a list of Yoga şala program therpy, Mysore, Tao vinyasa, Astanga and Yin yoga they teach. where you can meet flexible people and teachers who have been practicing for more than Five year. As a beginner i would like to join but now I can join live session. Cihangir Yoga team big Banu Cadirci, Ali Riza Mumoglu, Aslihan Ozeker and more 48. Certified teacher programme also conduct by cihangir. This is class is one of best yoga classes in Istanbul.

They also specialize with kids yoga, yoga therapy and pregnant yoga.

2. Yoga Şala

Yoga Sala is another best option to explore more yoga sessions. The Nişantaşı branch is on the sixth floor of an apartment building with large rooms where you can meet with teachers and new students be ready to fun with them. You can learn Hath yoga, Yin yoga, Meditation, Kundilini and Vinyasa yoga. Checkout their Program. You can meet with Aidan love, Alexis gulliver and 35+ yoga teachers.

3. Naya Istanbul

If you like island life then you can go to Büyükada. Combination of white hills and and yoga sessions can boosts your mood. I like it if possible then I will visit once. There is lot of rooms full of natural air and balcony for to views hills. During yoga session you will feel natural air covering your whole body. But during winter you have contact with Naya Istanbul.

4. 40 Derece Bikram Yoga

If you like to do sweaty yoga session then you should visit here best choice i think because it’s name starts by 40 degree. You can put towel in your bag with yoga mat. All yoga teacher students of Bikram Choudhary. Flush out all toxin from body.

5. Circuit Istanbul

Circuit Istanbul is another great option you visit there.

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