These 6 Yoga Warm-up Helpful For Wrist Pain Injuries

Do you feel wrist pain thumb side, bending ? you are not alone many people facing this problem and finding wrist pain treatment and wrist pain exercises at home. See below wrist pain yoga.

Wrist pain in yoga is common for everyone because you have to bear your body load or balance your body on hand during performing many yoga poses like handstand. You can say carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). According to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Wrist pain increases day by day in to the hand, almost a wrist pain increases beyond the wrist in to the hand it’s causing you can it at any other part of wrist. 

Inflammation of tendons create a pressure on a nerve due the pressure you feel uncomfort in the wrist, thumb, index finger, and middle finger also leads to pain. Due to the pressure on the ulnar nerve can produce pain in forth and fifth finger. 

10 Helpful Wrist Stretches and Exercises

It offers some clues as to the causes. When the median nerve entrapped causes CPS Carpel tunnel syndrome in the joint through several medians, tendons and nerves passes. 

So let’s start discussing about these two topic, these are interrelated factors both are same. 

What causes wrist pain

We are discussing about a wrist pain pinky side is occurred due to the high pressure in median nerve, motion rub tendon against bone this results inflammation of tendons that join bone to muscle. When you move your hand tendon slide in tendon sheath. Synovial fluid reduces friction. Inflammation of tendon limits the fluid to work proper so that you feel pain in hand.

Your body breaks food that contains purines during uric acid is produced and dissolve in blood. blood deposit uric acid in joints leads to swelling and pain.

Pain normally triggered by playing sports, writing, exercises, using computer mouse or repetitive motion.

Call your doctor if your hand is completely red and warm.

More reason :-

  • Sudden pain by falling, hitting etc.
  • Arthritis
  • Age
  • Wrong positioning
  • Diabetes
  • Compression of nerve

Wrist pain treatment

Your doctor may suggest you stretching to improve movement, hot or cold therapy, corticosteroid injections to control inflammation. Doctor will suggest you to wear splints. In rare case surgery reduce space between tendons. Your doctor will choose best option for you. Acupuncture can ease pain says The NY Time.

Treatment and healing depends upon the how is the pain and how produced. Ice and splint wore during the whole night can helpful for pain. Most of people using this steps. During a your yoga session can stops dew to repetitive pain in wrist also posture and steps that are involved. 

Here are home remedies to alleviate pain :-

Using ICE packed with bag or towel apply on wrist can help ease pain repeat every morning and evening.

Heat many people will give you advice to keep your hand front of heat or deep in hot water before going to bed that will helps you sleep better.

Turmeric is famous ayurvedic anti inflammation treatment add one spoon to milk and drink one glass in night will help you.

Walnuts is full of omega-3 fatty acid this is also known for anti inflammation. Eating walnuts will also help you in your salad.

Potatoes enzyme reaction will also help to reduce pain and B6 involves most of reactions.

While the practising yoga there are new different types of yoga and varios types of posture can produce pressure or stress in wrist, you can get props for minimizes the pressure during a session. But if you felt that need to get medical treatment then go with your dicision.

Following this exercise can we use for wrist pain healing, these steps are very helpful students and several client getting relief.

Yoga for wrist pain

Some Yoga Worm-ups

#1. Tadasana Wrist Therapy 

First rotate wrist slowly in circular motion after the three or more rotation change the direction of rotation or rotate in opposite direction. After rotating you can shake wrist gently for 20-40 seconds.

#2. Uttanasana Wrist Pratikriyasana 

Whenever you perform uttanasana amid sun salutation try to place the back of the wrist on to the floor make your comfort position. Remember do not force to pressure extreme.

#3. Wrist Pump

Comfortly hold your left hand fingers in front or touch opposite surface of fingers of right hand fingers and move wrist slowly forward and downward while movement give a pressure on fingers by right hand fingers, if you hand is pain free then continue for 10-30 second. 

#4. Anjali Mudra 

Sit straight and posture like prayer or namaste place your palm in front of chest and press palms in front of cheat for 2 min. if you feel pain it is sign of CTS don’t worry.

#5. Phalen’s Test 

Place your right hand back side in front of left hand back side and press firmly in front of chest for 1 minute.

#6. Hand Dance 

Place your hand palm on surface your finger position should be forward then rotate 90 degree in opposite direction then move again now finger position towards you. Now place opposite of hand on surface repeat and rotate your hand same as last time for 3 minutes. 

(In healing you can add garlic and turmeric powder in 250ml hot milk at night.) 

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