These 6 Yoga Warm-up Helpful For Wrist Pain Injuries

We are discussing about a wrist pain is occurred due to the high pressure in median nerve. Wrist pain and carpel tunnel syndrome are same but CTS is a specific factor.  

So let’s start discuss about these two topic, these are interrelated factors both are same. 

Wrist pain increases day by day in to the hand, almost a wrist pain increases beyond the wrist in to the hand it’s causes you can it at any other part of wrist. 

It offers some clues as to the causes. When the median nerve entrapped causes CPS Carpel tunnel syndrome in the wrist joint through several medians, tendons and nerves passes. 

Inflamation of tendoms creat a pressure on a nerve due the pressure you feel uncomfort in the wrist, thumb, index finger, and middle finger also leads to pain. Due to the pressure on ulnar nerve can produce pain in forth and fifth finger. 

Treatment and healing depends upon the how is the pain and how produced. Ice and splint wore during the whole night can helpful for pain. Most of people using this steps. During a your yoga session can stops deu to reapitative pain in wrist also posture and steps that are involved. 

While the practising yoga there are new different types of yoga and varios types of posture can produce pressure or stress in wrist, you can get props for minimizes the pressure during a session. But if you felt that need to get medical treatment then go with your dicision.

Following this exercise can we use for wrist pain healing, these steps are very helpful students and several client getting relief.

Some Worm-ups For Wrist

#1. Tadasana Wrist Therapy 

First rotate wrist slowly in circular motion after the three or more rotation change the direction of rotation of wrist gently then shake out the wrist for few second. 

#2. Uttanasana Wrist Pratikriyasana 

Whenever folding into uttanasana amid sun salutation place the back of the wrist toward or onto the floor make your comfort position 

#3. Wrist Pump

Comfortly hold your left  hand fingers in front of right hand fingers and move wrist forward and downward while movement give a pressure on fingers by right hand fingers, if pain free then continue for 10-30 second. 

#4. Anjali Mudra 

Sit srtight in match palms in namste (prayer) possion and press palms in front of cheat for 2 min. 

#5. Phalen’s Test 

Place your right hand back side in front of left hand back side and press firmly in front of chest for 1 minute.

#6. Hand Dance 

Place your hands on the floor your finger direction must forward then turn the palm up, with figure out, up with the finger in, down with the finger back, continues this steps for 3 minutes. 

(In healing you can add garlic and turmeric powder in 250ml hot milk at night.) 

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