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split pose

What is split pose ?


To perform hanumanasana or monkey pose you need some hip opening and hamstring opening muscles. Even the most experienced yoga teacher more challenging for everyone to perform split yoga. Hunumanasana is not imposiible to perform. Only this pose seems very hard to perform.

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Improve Hip Flexibility

Your hips support to your body and spine so that hip flexibility is important to your body. Tights hip flexors can lead to back pain, poor posture, and neck tightness. Practicing the daily split pose improves hip flexibility.

Opening the hip flexors is the main benefit of yoga split. Flexors are a group of muscles that plays a major role in knee movement and upper legs.

Stretch hamstring

Like the tight hip flexors, tight hamstrings can lead to a negative impact on your body. Daily stretching hamstrings for split pose can reduce the knee pain, back pain, foot pain, and issues related to the postures.

Do you know 5 out of 1 people in the world are suffering from back pain. Our back bearing a whole weight of the upper body. Splits are very helpful if you practice daily to lower the spinal column, improve the joint and tailbone.

Reduce back pain

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Reduce stress

Hunumanasana helps to relieve pain and stress relief. Phycology says we keep our stress in our hips section, when you perform some exercises related to hips then you get stress relaxation.

Types of split yoga

Middle split Right split Left split

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