Turmeric is a herb mostly it is used in asian countries. Turmeric has a many health benifts.

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It varies

It depends upon on what you are using for. It can work very quickly, for skin turmeric works in five minutes.

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If you are taking turmeric as a supplements it can increase heat in your body. 

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Turmeric has a very good anti-inflammatory action benefits, you can take to cure cold with milk. 

Joint health

Turmeric gives very good suboptimal joint strength and mobility joint health benefits. 

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If you have tummy trouble then you can add turmeric in your daily routine.

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immune system

Oxidative stress may impact on your body, so having turmeric can help you immune system.


free-radical-scavenging abilities, evidence suggests curcumin helps promote cardiovascular function and protect the heart.

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Turmeric can boost your mood researcher says working memory and mood increased after four weeks. 


antimicrobial properties of turmeric can helps you to maintain glow of your skin. 

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