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Yoga For Begginer 2022 Start Your Journey With Ease

Are you looking yoga for begginer ? Also looking for how to start yoga ? Which posture I have perform ? Complete yoga sequence for begginer ?

I will explain you yoga for begginer and you will be able to do yoga for begginer at home. My goal is explain you every types of yoga. If your are begginer at yoga then you get benefits. No matter where you are just start with yoga and transform yourself with begginer yoga guide.

My Yoga Begginer Journey

I started my yoga journey at 2016. My friend introduce me yoga, he has a good experience of yoga in college. I had started as begginer level because I was fully stressed out because I was working in packaging company. I had pain in my upper back. Even I couldn’t seat more than 2hour but yoga helps me a lot I never thought about it. Yoga can transform my complete mind and body.

That looks a dramatic story but that is true. I thinking was totally negative about the yoga. But I experienced the power of yoga just start your yoga journey with yoga for beginners. Their is no matter you are flexible or stiff. Just start yoga beginner moves.

Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga has a power to change your body. You will get noticed also it will major impact on emotional, spritual, and mentally.

  • Your body with the pain you will get pain release by strech muscles.
  • For daily movement you should have flexibility to the things. Improve your endurance and flexibility.
  • Yoga can release your anxiety and stress easily just perform yoga for begginer at home.
  • Improve your posture by sunsalutation.
  • Breathing practice inhale and exhale may improve your breathing.
  • Improve movement of joints.
  • Improve your mood and reduce stress.
  • Increase strength of core.
  • Do meditation and improve mindfulness and awareness.
  • Most of start yoga for begginer weight loss session. They got positive results.
  • Connect with your soul.

There are number of points of yoga benifits yoga promotes you to who you are and become more true person by improving your self confidence.

Yoga For Begginer Weight Loss

Yoga can reduce your body weight. It will very effective if you just yoga for begginer weight loss session. There are number of types of yoga it depends on which yoga type you choose for the practice. Yoga begginer moves are also helpful for cardio exercises. Vinyasa yoga flow can burn more than 500+ calories in just one hour session. This means you don’t need go for run for 20 minute outside daily you can go for run weekly to weight loss.

Many yoga teacher suggest that if you are practicing daily yoga session and perform yoga postures you don’t need gym exercise, cardio, treadmill you just need yoga mat.

Different Types Of Yoga

I think types of yoga that make confusion for every yoga begginer even me I was confused about different variations of yoga.

You think about about which type of yoga for you that takes times and this is the main reason you didn’t start yet practice.

I explain types of yoga and characteristics. This will help you to how to get started yoga.

1. Hatha Yoga

What is Hatha yoga ?

Hatha yoga is simple practice of physical postures. You will get confused by what exactly exept from hatha yoga practice. If you are joining hatha yoga class or retreat it means that the session is related begginer level. Hatha yoga practice is best for yoga for begginer seniors who just start to choose yoga.

You will not get exactly cardio workout from this 20 minutes begginer yoga. This is best way to do with ease and learn how to do yoga postures with steady flow. After performing different pose of hatha yoga you will get relaxed body and mind.

My yoga journey start with hatha yoga I am very thankful for my friend who suggested me to start hatha yoga. Yoga teacher will teach you how to do hatha yoga poses exactly they will teach you every pose in depth because they well knows you are begginer at yoga. Your teacher will teach you how to start yoga for begginers. You will learn benifits of hatha yoga and how to do hatha yoga correctly.

Best for yoga begginer who just joined yoga class. Who want to learn more in depth with slow and steady flow. Who want to learn basics fundamentals.

2. Iyanger Yoga

What is Iyanger yoga ?

If you are interested to learn how to do yoga correctly then Iyanger yoga is for you. Iyanger yoga is about correct alignment and posture.

Iyanger yoga sessions are slow sessions, you will stay in the same position for a minute. Yoga props will help you to execute proper posture. I wait for a one year to join iyanger yoga classes. First learn basics of yoga don’t join direct iyanger yoga as a begginer.

Yoga teacher will teach how to iyanger yoga, how to use yoga props for proper alignment, how you should feel every pose and do best version of the pose. It will take a time to learn details. Iyanger yoga is a base of how to do yoga correctly and learn types of iyanger yoga poses.

Best for who want learn more in depth, learn how to do yoga correctly, yoga alignment and reach best version of yoga.

3. Ashtanga Yoga

What is ashtanga yoga ?

This is the type of yoga of you are looking for workout. I will not recommend you if you are learning yoga begginer guide because you are begginer and you don’t know the names of yoga postures, ashtanga yoga is a sequence of poses. You need to memorize the sequence.

Ashtanga yoga is performed incorporate with breath. There is sequence of same yoga pose. This is best for those who looking for mindfulness. Sink your body with yoga flow. This type of yoga is best for workout if you are looking yoga for begginer weight loss posture then this is perfect for you.

Best for who looking for workout. Practice exercise with breath, best for those who are perfect in yoga practice.

4. Vinyasa Yoga

What is vinyasa yoga ?

Vinyasa yoga is sama as ashtanga yoga but every single yoga session is very different. Vinyasa yoga flow incorporated with breath. Movement is very fluid like each posture linked each other, this will make more sweat. You will get benefits of vinyasa yoga are mindfulness and workout. Vinyasa flow will burn fat and build strength in your muscles. Number of vinyasa yoga poses will make your class or session very busy. You will learn types of vinyasa yoga poses.

I have tried and learn every types yoga. I have been practicing vinyasa yoga for a year now. I truly enjoyed vinyasa yoga you would love it. Before the joining vinyasa class you should have join first hatha yoga and basics of posture. This is very fast flow yoga sessions.

Best for those who looking for awareness of breath with workout. Everyday you will learn new posture of vinyasa.

5. Bikram Yoga

What is Bikram Yoga ?

Bikram yoga for those who looking to sweat your body. This is heat yoga session. You can remove toxins in your body by performing Bikram yoga. There is 26 types of Bikram yoga poses which usually performed under heating room with 105 farhenhite temperature.

You get bored easily due to limited of yoga postures. You can start of yoga here in heating rooms. Yoga begginers always look for dynamic classes and they are eager to learn more.

Best for who love heat and sweat your body. Best for who allready know alignment of yoga and want to learn more.

6. Hot Yoga

What is y hot yoga ?

Hot yoga is general type of yoga same as Bikram yoga. Hot yoga poses are performed under hear sama as Bikram yoga. Rooms heated with 105 farhenhite. The main difference between Hot yoga and Bikram yoga is style of yoga, you don’t need perform only 26 limited yoga poses. You get more deeper in yoga postures, hot yoga improve your flexibility. Yoga begginer always look for improving flexibility.

Many yoga classes in the world perform types of vinyasa yoga poses in heated room for get benefits.

7. Kundalini Yoga

What is kundalini yoga ?

Kundalini yoga is related spritual health, mental health, and emotional health. If you are looking for these health terms for how to you can go with kundalini yoga. Kundalini is a sunskrit language word related to conciousness and energy. Do you chakras in our body. You will learn chakra in kundalini yoga.

Kundalini yoga class for begginer is very different class. You can see their chanting, breathing practice, different styles of physical movement. I truly enjoyed my kundalini yoga session because I love group music and dance. My mental focus was clear to learn yoga.

Best for those who would like chanting and spritual practice with physical movement.

8. Yin Yoga

What is yin yoga ?

Yin yoga is slow paced yoga. Yin yoga focus on the posture balancing, and increase inside energy of everyone. There is various types of yin yoga poses which creates deep tension in muscles you need to hold posture during yin yoga session more than any other yoga type. You can perform a pose more than 5 minutes but yoga begginer perform for just 2 minutes. You will get flexibility after yoga session. Best part is you may feel peaceful.

Best for Those who looking calm yoga practice with deeper stretch.

9. Restorative Yoga

What is restorative yoga ?

There are many types of restorative yoga poses many yoga poses performed with the help of props, straps, yoga wheel to get best version of the pose. Restorative yoga class session is slaw paced and calm cause restore our inner energy. This yoga is best for healing pain.

I practiced restorative yoga begginer yoga poses when I was working on desktop, I have upper back pain I get relief. I learn many unknown energy of human body. Yoga helps you a lot during session they will help you how to stretch exactly and become more flexible. You don’t get sweat body in this class but your body strength will increase. You hold pose that are engaged with core such as peacock pose.

Best for those looking for calm class to build strength of body and learn how to get relief naturally.

Dont’s For Yoga Begginer

Do not compare your yoga practice

People start yoga for begginer morning routine and search on google yoga for begginer online. They got best search results from best teacher in world and copy their posture but they don’t know yoga is not about flexibility its is inner work. So that they compare well experienced yoga teacher and self cause built negative impact. They are practicing from five to six years you just begginer just focus on what you can do.

Do not overextend

You will got best results at online yoga for begginer but without knowing how to extend proper may bring you injury. Push your body is good for progress but you ever should know how to push your limits.

Do not make your own flow

You join a begginer hatha yoga you practice daily but sometimes the flow is not enough for you then you may take a rest in yoga session and focus on how people are learning yoga. Take a child pose and listen your body there is need to perform every yoga pose in the yoga session at begginer level.

Do not talk bad

Whenever I was alone I tried hard. I did lot at the beginning stages. Find your self to get up for the mat this is hard thing to do at begginer level. When you campare yourself to other you talk about bad posture you performing. Never talk bad focus on how to get better at practice if you join yoga session in group all the bad things pass away I tried just energy and positivity flows on the mat. Use sentance I am becoming more perfect and learning.

Do’s For Yoga Begginer

Be open minded

You must be open minded during yoga practice, you will many things. Benefit of yoga is it makes you open mind and learner. You may not know the concept that are being instructed in front of you.

Breath through it

At the beginning your body is stiff not naturally flexible you are. You will feel discomfort at the beginning, you can do anything with three or more breath. Stay connected with your breath.

Improve strong base

Yoga practioner achieve their goals by performing perfect begginer yoga poses. After they move to advanced yoga poses. You need learn each of every type of yoga poses and their alignment. Mountain pose looks easy to perform but many people don’t perform correctly.

How to start yoga for begginer ?

Go to free class

There are different types of yoga, choose right type of yoga that fit for you I love clam yoga flow session and hot yoga. You can go yoga for begginer online, find best version for you it is free on YouTube. New yoga class offers few days free yoga session where you can see how they teach, limit, boundaries, and yoga culture.

Go for online subscription

There are lot of morning yoga for begginer online in the app and everyone have a digital facilities like laptop, android TV. They offer large variety of yoga. My favourite is dawnward dog app and yogiapproved you can watch yoga for beginner weight loss, yoga for beginner at home exercise.

Start with basic

Sunsalutation A is set of different poses should perform in the exact flow incorporate with breath this is basic pose. You will learn more at basic poses these are very to perform you can start your yoga journey as begginer with basic yoga poses.

I hope you get what you need otherwise you can contact me at [email protected] Just learn the yoga, feel the every movement, you will achieve your goal.

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