yoga for mental focus and concentration

Yoga For Concentration and Focus : Works For Everyone

Practice yoga for concentration and improve your mental focus. Yoga invites to everyone to live better with calm and focus. Focus on your inhale and exhale.

World is becoming more competitive, and you have to work for win could makes stress for you. Performing yoga for concentration and focus will help you for your better focus and memory booster.

Concentration is pure energy, sometimes we feel that need to take a break. I will show you some yoga poses for concentration and mental focus.

Our thoughts are constantly get distracted, to focus and higher productivity daily yoga will works for everyone. Practicing Pranayama is effective for concentration. Yoga relaxing our body, mind, and soul will help to increase mental focus and concentration.

As the wise yogic sage Patanjali stated in the Yoga Sutras, “yoga is the reduction of fluctuations of the mind” or “stilling the natural turbulences of our thoughts.” 

yoga for concentration

How Yoga Can Help Improve Concentration

Yoga is connected to breath, movement and body. Yoga makes your mood positive make a goal and daily practice will help you for concentration and focus. Relax your body and focus on your breath.

While practicing yoga poses for concentration you have to balance your body means you are trying to focus and improving day by day. Yoga teacher always suggest that pick a point focus on it where you cant move where our gaze go is important. Ancient yogis believed in power of yoga concentration. A calm mind better for focus.

Yoga Poses For Concentration and Focus

1. Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

Tree pose is a simple just standing on a one leg and focus on the balancing body requires more attention. Perform every in the morning, with an empty stomach.

How to tree pose :- Stand up on your feet hip distance apart then focus on your balance, bring your palm in front of heart touch together, as you inhale bring your right foot off the floor, toes are pointing forward, draw your feet towards inner thigh, and hold for five to six breath focus on balance, then switch your leg. Tree pose helps you to improve your brain focus. It also calm your nervous system.

2. Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

Eagle pose is twist and bind your entire body need more concentration on a one leg.

How to eagle pose :- Stand up on your feet hip distance apart, focus on the floor, bring your hand to the hip, bend your right knee bring your left leg over right leg place your left leg knee on the right leg knee and place your left leg ankle behind right leg calf muscle, bring hands in front of chest cross your elbows and face palm together, hold for five to six breath then switch to another leg.

You can use wall to make perfect balance.

3. Warrior Pose |||

Warrior pose ||| requires focus to stabilize your body on the one leg. You may loose your balance.

How to practice Warrior III :- Start with mountain pose feet hip distance apart, focus on your feet, bring your palms together in front of chest, bend from the hip draw your hands over the head and engage with core, bring your right leg backside make sure your hands and right leg parallel to the surface, right leg facing towards the sky, extend your hand, hold for five or six breath and switch another leg.

You can use wall to make better balance.

4. Half Moon Pose 

How to half moon pose :- Start with mountain pose feet hips distance apart. Come to standing forward fold. Bring your left hand fingertips to the surface and grounded at the top right corner of your mat, bring your right hand to the hip. Rotate from hip bring your right leg backwards your body parallel to the surface and lift up your right hand to the sky make sure make line between hands. Hold for five or six breath.

5. Dancer’s Pose

For Dancer’s Pose you need more focus and balance. It will also open your chest.

How to dancer pose :- Start with mountain pose feet hip distance apart. Draw your left leg towards chest, and firm your kneecap. Bring your bend knee down, reach your bend foot behind you and hold the ankle by right hand and bring left hand across the body ang hold the ankle. Hold edge of left leg by same side left hand lift your elbow towards sky. Reach your free arm behind you and hold lifted foot. Extend your chest forward.

6. Side Plank

Side plank needs to more balancing body.

How to side plank :- Start with plank pose, engage your core and forward your body weight to the hand. Twist your body and bring your left hand towards sky should be straight. Left foot resting on the right foot. Push away your hips from the surface. Hold for five or six breath.

7.  Crow Pose

Crow pose is a challenging pose but easy with daily practice.

How to crow pose :- Start with forward fold palm touching to the surface. spread your fingers wide with hand shoulder distant apart, Bend your knees put bodyweight slowly to the palms. Bring your knees close to the armpits. Place knees on the lower side of biceps. Round your neck weight forward until legs become lighter then lift up your toes from the ground. Try closing your eyes.

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8. Headstand

To perform headstand you need support for balancing your body up side down. Turn your body upside down is more challenging and to concentration.

How to headstand :- Bring your forearm to the floor, interlace your fingers elbows shoulders distance apart. Plant your head inside your palm, Lift your knees off the floor walk your feet close to the your head as you can, your hips and head making a straight line for balance. Gently draw your knee close to your chest, then left knee and stretch your feet towards the sky gently, hold for five deep breaths, and then rest in child pose.

9. Meditation

If you are doing daily meditation to focus and concentration then you are one step ahead. if not then just start from today, sit in lotus pose close your eyes, relax your face muscles place your palms on the knees and focus on your breath.

Practice daily yoga for concentration and mental focus

Making perfect is a important in our life yoga will help you everyone, I practice daily. You can make balance on the mat as well off the mat will boost your mood, focus and energy.

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